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Daytona DOT Half Shell Helmets, Style and Comfort for All your Motorcycle or Scooter Needs
Story by: Sol Tucker
Photos by: Sol Tucker  

Just like we have done many of times now, products have come to us via recommendations and when someone said that we should check out the custom DOT half shell helmets from Daytona, we hopped right on the opportunity (no pun there) to see why these are some of the closest to a custom painted helmet you can get.

We had the opportunity to look at two different designs of the half-shell, the Black Rose, the female favorite and the Ace of Spades, one that says “ I am a Bad Ass.”

One thing we really liked about these helmets is the detail that goes into each design.  The owner comes up with many of the designs from ideas of riders and even some of the staff members have an input on what the final outcome will be on each of the helmets. The Black Rose design spans the entire back of the helmet and a good portion of the sides. The detail is impeccable. We have a tough time thinking it is not airbrushed and so will you.

Some of the features of these helmets include Nylon Y-Strap System, six size selections from XS to 2XL and they meet and exceed D.O.T standards. The inside of the helmet is padded with vented material so not to leave your dome piece super sweaty after you remove it.

We must say that we took the testing of the helmets to the next level to see the safety they provide. Most of this type of wear and testing would not normally occur with these helmets.

Our first test was to take a brick and drop it on the helmet from twelve inches directly above. We must say that there was little or no damage to the helmet which is good if you ever happen to come in contact with the pavement directly. This is one scenario that we hope no one will ever have to deal with, but the helmet certainly will protect your dome piece.

The second test was to take a rubber mallet hammer and hit it against the helmet five times to see if there was any substantial wear or damage to the helmet. We are proud to say that not only did we not get a headache, but you could not see much marking to the helmet or the design of the rose or the Ace of the side of the Ace of Spades helmet.

Overall, we rate the look, comfort and durability of the helmets A+ and with 85.00 MSRP per helmet. These are helmets that anyone who owns something on two wheels should consider. They are definitely way cooler than regular non motorized bike helmets.

 For more information on the products available from Daytona Helmets, check out their website at